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Labor Shortage is a Real Global Problem Especially in the Luxury Design Build Industry

Spending most of my hours consulting with my clients on all aspects of business growth, I realized the best leaders practice what they preach. In other  words, to best lead – you must be a ROLE MODEL.

Hence, I’ve crafted yet another upgrade to my consulting business, PowerHouse Advisors, with a new face to the online world at Many of you have heard me talk about always honoring your brand identity. PowerHouse Advisors is about exclusive, customized consulting, coaching, recruiting and speaking…this is

My goal is for our website to share with you my years of experience in the luxury design, build, real estate industry delivering you insightful business tips, processes and procedures to help you grow your business. My passion is to be your business catalyst, if we haven’t met yet, I look forward to connecting soon.

What’s New In The Luxury Design Build Industry

Download Your Guide to Recruiting Top TalentRecently, I was facilitating a business roundtable with a super-sharp group of PowerHouse SMART members, all business owners, when the discussion turned to hiring competent help. No surprise to me, each person in our group was currently struggling to fill a position or many positions within their firms. As we did a deep dive, I discovered that it wasn’t just one aspect of the hiring process that was the problem. Some had sound job descriptions written, others had solid onboarding processes but each was still struggling. This is a real life concern across the nation in our industry. As a recruiter, I am able to help firms one-by-one, to make a larger impact. As a result of this roundtable, I am sharing with you my PowerHouse Advisors Guide to Recruiting Top Talent. I hope this helps and remember I am a phone call or email away.