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job recruiter Wendy CohenDuring the past economic downturn many firms in the design, develop, build, real estate industry had to reduce manpower costs and slash hiring to survive. As a result, hiring is a front-burner growth issue today. Many are having a difficult time finding talented employees to build their team, post-recession. Contributing to this dilemma, we have found current hiring practices are casual at best and ineffective at worst and even when firms find the right people, retention is often difficult.

Your Guide to Recruiting Top TalentThe Challenge: You Are As Strong As Your Weakest Link

Job recruiting in today’s world has gotten more specialized. Wendy Cohen understands the nuances of our niche industry. Wendy’s many years of recruiting and training experience at a large design/build firm and her vast network of professionals, enables her to recruit top industry talent. In addition, as an expert at character assessment, she ensures that you hire the best fit for your firm.

If you are struggling to fulfil open jobs, contact Wendy today. See her list of businesses that have already benefited from Wendy’s hiring experience.

Recruitment Services Provided:

  • Manpower planning and development
  • Recruiting by leveraging industry knowledge and networks
  • Management of the hiring process
  • Guidance to outsourcing manpower and resources
  • Human capital consulting harnessing your company culture
  • Growth planning, staffing roles and accountabilities
  • Leadership retreats leading to excellence

Benefits of Recruitment Services:

  • Plan ahead with a manpower strategy tied to growth goals, to ensure you avoid making rushed decisions.
  • Have a clear and concise candidate assessment process, allowing you to match candidates who share your company’s vision and customer service philosophy.
  • Develop a company new hire on-boarding and orientation process, helping new employees feel engaged, part of the team and contributor to your company culture.

Job Postings

Recent Successful Recruitments:


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