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Business Productivity is “All About That Bass”

Music src=♬ ♪♫ Because you know I’m all about that bass, ‘bout that bass, no treble. ♫ ♪♬

Well, Meghan Trainor had it right with her hit song ‘All About that Bass’, because it really is all about the bass when it comes to music. Employees who listen to music throughout the day perform much better throughout their workday. Here’s a business productivity tip: When songs with deep basses come on it creates a feeling of empowerment. Classic cinema example would be Star Wars. Every time Darth Vader entered a scene he was followed with music that involved a deep bass…resulting in an empowerment message. So it really was all about that bass!

One of Powerhouse SMART’s Resource PRO’s, Darrell Katz, of Impact Training Solutions, always plays classical music when he hosts training workshop days. From a study by two researchers at Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Darrell learned that listening to music in the workplace could put employees in the right frame of mind for their tasks ahead. The music allows employees to relax and approach tasks more comfortably. On training days that Darrell hosts, participants tell him how the music he plays reduces their anxiety about coming to these workshops. There’s also a specific pattern he has mastered. In the morning it starts off with classical music, and then moves into more contemporary, and finally by the afternoon he is playing that heavy bass to keep everybody’s energy alive.

So managers and company leaders this tip’s for you, tonight add songs to your IPod. Do you and your employees a favor by playing music in the office the following day. Observe reactions while the new music playing benefits all. We look forward to your comments below – music to our ears.

The POW Behind Wendy Cohen and PowerHouse Advisors™ Business Services

Okay, no we are not superheroes, if that is what you are thinking after you read through the new website. We don’t have “spidey senses” like Spiderman, or protect Gotham City at night like
Batman, but we will help you and your business grow in many ways. Is there a superhero named after that?

Educating You With Our Business ServicesPowerHouse Advisors

We hope you learn from an array of topics we are eager to discuss with you, such as careers and healthy living, to success stories and strong leadership. (Don’t forget to sign up for our monthly Guide To Growth emails.) We at PowerHouse Advisors™ are introducing the first beginnings of a blog that will be parallel with everything that our website entails and more. We want to tell you personal success stories, educate you on growing your business; coach, consult and guide you in networking with the “best of the best” in the Luxury Design, Build, and Real Estate industry.

So to answer the question who is the POW behind PowerHouse Advisors™? Well, hopefully you read all about the amazing woman who founded Powerhouse Advisors™ and PowerHouse SMART® ten years ago, Wendy Cohen. She and her remarkable team are the driving force for both companies. However, you (our clients) are also the power behind us. We need your stories, experiences, your upcoming events, and anything you want us to share with our entire network. Please feel free to leave a comment below or use our Contact Page. We learn from you as much as you learn from us. We hope our PowerHouse Advisors™ blog inspires, entertains and educates you while reading about business and life successes.

Marketing Coordinator, LG Construction + Development

We’re looking for a driven marketing coordinator who is excited to take ownership for all things marketing at LG Construction + Development. This successful candidate will work with company leaders in implementing marketing tactics supporting our firm’s exciting growth. Primary responsibilities include planning and implementing our marketing strategy, including brand identity, content writing, design, and production of compelling and engaging marketing offline and online materials tactics. See more about this position and apply here.