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Wendy Cohen, PowerHouse Advisors™

Serving the Luxury Design/Build, Real Estate Industry Since 2006

Business consulting, coaching and recruiting for the luxury design/build construction industry and related businesses is a deep commitment and a source of power for Wendy Cohen and all who work with her. Wendy has built PowerHouse Advisors™ through embracing the following lifetime values:

The Power of Partnership:

We partner with our consulting clients to build trust and synergy. We advocate the power of partnership relationships. We create the platform for connecting and building synergistic relationships to foster business growth for each party involved.

The Power of Entrepreneurship:

Wendy Cohen advocates acquiring innovative knowledge, continuous learning and appropriate, courageous risk taking. The PowerHouse Advisors™ coaching philosophy will encourage you to expand your horizons.

The Confidence of Integrity:

We honor and follow through on commitments. If a commitment is at risk, an alternative solution is found while always having your best business interest in mind.

The Commitment to Giving Back:

PowerHouse Advisors™ is committed to empowering others in both nonprofit and for profit businesses. We believe we can make a difference by transforming lives and businesses. Learn more about what PowerHouse Advisors™ consulting can do for you and your business.

We believe in the continual growth process, utilizing:

  • Stellar business development consulting strategies
  • Goal-driven operations process improvements
  • Relationship building and synergy partners
  • Customer retention and reputation building
  • Manpower planning, hiring top talent
  • Building a winning company culture
  • Leadership development, training and coaching
  • Defining your exit strategy
  • Speaker program participation
  • And more…

As a strategic business consultant, charismatic public speaker, stellar recruiter and empowering business coach, clients call Wendy when:

  • Their existing culture is blocking superior performance
  • Organizational leadership teams are not inspiring their staff
  • Business practices are inefficient and ineffective
  • Their current business model is not producing the desired results
  • Ownership would like to develop an exit strategy
  • They need an inspiring speaker for sales training programs and events
  • Recruiting just the right person for the position is critical

You should always be poised for business growth, and your corporate strategy is vital to your future success. After all, you did not weather the down times to give up now. Contact Wendy now about her Business Consulting Services.Let our consulting firm empower you to get unstuck and create YOUR business growth strategies.


About Wendy Cohen of PowerHouse Advisors™

After serving for two decades as Vice President for Sales & Marketing of a Midwest Luxury Design Build firm, Wendy knows Luxury Real Estate inside and out and brings to her business consulting clients a vast local, national and international network of colleagues from every facet of the Luxury Design, Build and Real Estate industry. Her innate teaching, empathetic coaching philosophy and public speaking skills, combined with her fiery passion for empowering others, always produces the desired results.

Founded in 2006, PowerHouse Advisors™ (PHA) is a full service boutique consulting company that serves the Luxury Design, Build and Real Estate Industry worldwide. We create non-traditional business growth strategies to propel you and your business forward. Created by Wendy Cohen, a genuine powerhouse herself, PowerHouse Advisors works with firms of all sizes that have the mindset for transformational progress.

According to Wendy, “Our mission is to partner with, support and guide our clients towards realizing their vision for short and long term growth, all with the trusted sense of shared understanding and commitment.”